The refurbishment of your building’s plumbing systems stands as a crucial preventive measure against potential irreparable damage. It’s not merely about fixing current issues; it’s a proactive approach to maintaining the property’s integral systems and subsequently extending its longevity. However, refurbishment isn’t a simple task. It requires expertise and a keen understanding of a building’s current needs and potential future requirements.

Our team at Solace Plumbing brings both skill and extensive experience to the table. We specialise in replacing and upgrading complete plumbing systems within existing structures. This involves a thorough assessment of the current system, identification of areas needing attention, and the application of the latest techniques in the replacement process. The goal is to enhance the system’s efficiency and ensure that your establishment meets the latest plumbing and fire standards, thus future-proofing your property against potential plumbing failures.

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We're always on time for our appointments. We believe in constant communicated with customers so they know what's going and when the work will be complete.


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You can be confident that always deliever on our promises – every professional quote is backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


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At Solace Plumbing, we know that satisfied and loyal customers are our most valuable commodity. That’s why our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, so they feel confident in our ability to meet all their plumbing needs. We believe that the key to earning and keeping our customers’ trust is providing quality workmanship, maintaining the highest standards of integrity, and respecting their time and property.

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